Business Counseling
on a medical, therapeutic level so that no one gets a raw deal!
The performance pressure increases more and more frequently and the employees become more and more susceptible to illnesses, become unmotivated, are overwhelmed or spread a bad mood, and thus possibly infect other employees.

We help you to become the "Team of the Year" on a level that includes all employees , because we are all human, no matter what academic degree we have!

Findings from therapy, research, neuroplasticity, solution focused orientation, systemic thinking, and the understanding of the learning process optimization help to work out a logical, simple, appreciative systemic structure with which EVERYONE in the team is satisfied.

Have you ever asked your employee or colleague what the bad things are in the company and thought you would get an honest answer? And you really think that was all he told you?
No, of course not!


The first interview of approximately 90 minutes is FREE OF CHARGE (within a distance of 15 miles).

"Choose a profession that you love,
and you don't need to work one day more in your life."

Where is your company positioned? Where does it want to head?
How can you prevent illness-related absences?
Clarifing conflict situations in order to interact with each other  on an appreciative level again.
How motivated are your employees truly?
Do you have cases in your company with a drop in performance? This also has an effect on the financials at the end of the year!

Work-related health

care support

To set up processes in a simple, understandable and structured way that everyone understands how they work.
Business coaching on a therapeutic level.
Company-therapist, where employees can look at their own issues or even private problems, which probably effect the work as well and mediate between authorities or instances.


Anxious about presentations in front of others?
Achieve what you want through effective communication skills.
Mastering work and organization management
Creating or optimizing management plans and checklists.



Where do we stand? With whom do we stand here? Where do we want to go? With whom do we want to go there?
What would we need for that?
Simple questions that cannot be answered so easily, that's why sometimes an external "metaposition" is needed, someone who is not familiar with the processes of your business.

Future orientation