The Team

Sascha Beck

Therapist for Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Lic. Therapist for Hypnosystemic Therapy
Qualified therapist for children and adolescents
Practitioner for Medical Clinical Hypnotherapy
Lic. Therapist for systemic therapy
Lic. LLC® Therapist/ Coach
Coach For Executive Leadership
Holistic Nutritionist
Interpreter DE-EN, EN-DE
Cand. Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Passions and interests in life:
Reading, hiking, evenings with friends, appreciative, good food, time for myself, dog, travelling linguistics, poetry authoritative activity, psychology,

Dr. rer. nat. Frank Pietzcker

Diploma and doctor degree in Psychology
Alexander Teacher
Couples therapist
Sex therapist
systemical therapist
Health Coaching
Therapeutic archery
Wingwave Coaching

Therapy in German and US-English

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