Mental Health Fast Track

First Aid

For a long time I wanted to provide individuals like you with a place where they can discuss their personal issues in a protected, honest, neutral, solution-focused, non-judgmental place and create solutions to lead to the live you want.

The Mental Health Fast Track is primarily there to provide a source of support in acute situations. Here are no physicians present, but there are therapists who are trained in such "acute disturbances" which can assist you.


Most public institutions are fully booked or overloaded, therefore we offer the possibility of the Mental Health Fast Track.

It is never too early or too late in the day or night to call us! 

In most therapeutic approaches, the focus in the process with the client is focused on the problem rather than the solution. It's a pity that in spite of recent findings, modern research and many evident client feedback, they still hold on to those old approaches. Of course, the solution-oriented, short-term therapeutic approach is financially not as lucrative for us solution-oriented therapists as, for example, psychoanalysis, in which the client takes years or even decades of weekly appointments, without much success.

You will get the opportunity to come a maximum of 5 sessions this is the maximum we can do for you.

The client does not lives yesterday, the day before yesterday or twenty years back in the past, he/she lives now, today, tomorrow and (hopefully) in 10 years too.

In addition, we do not give you advice or instructions, we never work with directive, autoritative methods, we give the client total freedom of choice.

Change can only take place from an internal to an external state; no therapist can manipulate or change internal psychological processes so that a long-term, positive and effective change can result, only you can do those inner changings to predict your future.

Each creature is unique and therefore we get the result that there is not one magical solution for everybody! Everybody has to find his/ her own solutions, sometimes in a supported setting.

Your IBT Team

"Be your own natural self"
                          Milton H. Erickson.