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The IBT makes its own case studies, compares them and passes knowledge on new findings in teachings. 


All of what is discussed in the session is not judged or evaluated to negativity

Tailored processes

The interventions are tailored to the client, not the client to the interventions!


The IBT is in constant exchange with other therapists, supervisors and continues its education.

Variations of therapy

Family and Couple Therapy

This offers you a service to seek therapy for the whole family, or with members which are involved in the problem/ challenge

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers you a wonderful opportunity to work on yourself and to work out a solution that is right for you.

Anonymous  Therapie

For topics, feelings of shame, actions which you do not want to associate with your name. (For documentation requirements you will receive an internal personal identification number)

What is short-term solution focused therapy?


Short-term therapy has the focus on solution orientation, the focus is on the future (where the client will live) and not so much on the past. Another positive aspect of solution-oriented work is that new neuronal pathways and connections are created (new brain cells produced) which provide our cells and our gens with the information: "Hey something new has happened" 91.26% of people who have reached the age of 35 live in their old ( bad) patterns, their routine behaviour and completely involuntary automatisms, mostly preoccupied by the past more than by their future.
And the people who are afraid or worried about the future are future-oriented, but usually do not have the possibility to determine their future by them self.


The best way to predict your future is to create it!

(Sascha Beck)



If you agree to this with your signature, your process progress and interview protocols will be registered anonymously in an IBT internal system for evaluation, teaching and training purposes. In addition, the IBT always attempts to examine the latest findings from science and research itself. The IBT is constantly training itself in order to move forward.