The methods are combined between the ericksonian approach, the approach of the SFBT

(Solution Focused Brief Therapy) and the hypnosystemic approach, modern findings from brain research, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, psychopathology, systemic thinking, constructivism, autopoiesis, NLP, solution oriented and biochemistry.

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The "Therapeutic Family"

Milton H. Erickson

Revolutionized psychotherapy in the 20th century by offering therapy which was tailored to the client. 
Utilization technique
Autohypnotic Trance
Indirect Suggestion
Posthypnotic Suggestion
Reframing Regression Progression

Kim Insoo Berg


Systemic Therapy
Pioneer in the

Solution Focused Approach

Steve De Shazer

Developer of the Solution Focused Therapy approach

Systemic Therapy
Founder Brief Family Therapy Center Milwaukee

Paul Watzlawick

communication scientist

family therapy
"The Pursuit of Unhappiness"

Recommended literature

The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson (Ronald Havens)

Concepts and ideas of Erickson's

work, a must in every
therapists library.
Very understandable and logically explained.
You feel like Erickson is just next to you while you're reading the book and explains it himself.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (Harvey Ratner)

This book has 100 key points for the solution-oriented short-term therapy approach.
Very clearly and understandably written,
with instructions and case studies. It also contains a chapter with self-supervision, which is very useful. 



The Breakout Heuristic

(Ernest Lawrence Rossi)

A very neuroscientific book, which explains the connections between therapy and science and how to make human physiology and psychobiology positively useful in the process.
Although it is rather theoretical, it can be read very nicely and remains exciting until the end. 

When One Hour is All You Have

(Arnold Slive & Monte Bobele)

A book which illustrates the Mental Health Walk In/ Fast Track in times where time is getting shorter and shorter and there is little time for psychotherapy. It shows how to work out a tailored solution with the client in just one hour. It also includes various insights into existing Mental Health Walk In's.

Der Februarmann/ The February Man (Miltton Erickson &Ernest L. Rossi)

A book which is rather suitable for advanced students, it describes the personality development of a young lady. It reflects the extensive microdynamics of the treatment. A central basis of NLP. "The change of personal history".

experiential psychotherapy with couples (Rob Fischer)

An understandable book for couple therapy, which illustrates system theories practically in a great way and offers strategic case studies as well as intervention examples. Since working with couples is becoming more and more challenging, you should have a good background, the book guides you step by step how to stay mentally flexible and calm in the process and when and how to intervene. 

Praxis Aromatherapie

Monika Werner Ruth v. Braunschweig

Every therapist should consider aromatherapy, as aromas can be used in a targeted way in the process without the client knowing. This activates the olfactory area in the brain.
This book contains the basics, profiles and indications. It comprehensively describes which aromas are effective in somatic as well as psychological complaints and can be used in a targeted manner.

Uncommon Therapy

Jay Haley

Awesome book, very understandable

and sorted by topics
with lots of case illustrations which illustrates the work
of Erickson perfectly.









The book of grief

(Jorge Bucay)

Here you get a book that changes your life as well as the lives of clients. Jorge shows you in such a poetic, appreciative fashion the life after a loss (death, relationship, material loss).
Also highly recommended in palliative situations.

Meine Stimme begleitet Sie überall hin

Ein Lehrseminar mit Milton Erickson

(Jeffrey Zeig)

A human science book containing theory, applied science and models for practical work. This book should be read and understood by all who work with people.
With great ideas for the individual therapy sessions. 


Basic Hypnotic Induction and Suggestion 

(Rossi & Rossi, Erickson-Klein)

A book that includes Erickson's techniques, such as double bind, indirect suggestion, posthypnotic suggestion,
Two-level communication, BRAC Basic Rest Activity Cycle (part of psychobiology) and psychological shocks.
Also very suitable for beginners. 

How Real is Real?/

Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?

(Paul Watzlawick)

A book about communication, confusion and disinformation

The connection between communication and reality. A very amusing, humorous textbook, that gives a new perspective on thinking.