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Therapy in German and US-English

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Therapy in German and US-English

 Welcome to the I B T  


Aufgrund des aktuellen Covid-19 Ausbruchs bleibt das IBT bis auf Weiteres geschlossen um die Empfehlungen des BAGs strikt einzuhalten.

Aktuell ist unser Krisentelefon wie folgt besetzt: 

MO-FR 14:00 - 20:00 Uhr 

SA-SO 10:00 - 20:00 Uhr 


044 545 84 08 

Wir sind aber dennoch für Sie 24/7 telefonisch oder via Skype für Sie erreichbar, Sitzungen werden dann telefonisch oder via Skype stattfinden.

 Short-term Solution Focused Therapy Methods bring you faster to your goals!

Why going into long term therapy or coaching when you can be faster? 

Appointments, meetings, family, household there is no time for weekly therapy sessions, so choose scientifically proven, certified short-term solution focused therapy methods! 

Our goal is to spend as little time as possible with you but as much as necessary! 
That's the success of the I B T!
We don't want to bring you into a therapist client dependency pattern or make a
therapy junkie out of you!

Set your own sails up to new shores!

The Mental Health Fast Track

If you cut yourself, you also immediately treat the bleeding wound, and so it should be also in difficult life situations, direct support (24/7) and not to be alone. So that the problem does not manifest itself negatively on a brain-plasticity and that you can cope better with those situations

                Therapy in US-English
      and German

(For questions, translations or requests please contact us directly)